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Dry Brushing Tips Tricks and Techniques

If you have recently bought a Dry Brush then you probably can’t wait to try it out. But if you want to get the most out of your new beauty accessory then you need to follow some simple techniques in order to make that happen. By including these short steps into your daily routine you will get skin that looks and feels fabulous, along with the added health benefits that skin brushing can bring.

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BEFORE YOU START - Ensure your body brush is clean and free from any loose bristles (common when the brush is new). It is recommended to brush first thing in the morning before showering or bathing.


1. Start at your feet, use swift upward strokes to brush up the legs, always working towards your heart.

2. When you have completed the lower body move on to the upper body. Starting with the hands brush using swift upward strokes up the arms, again always brushing towards the heart.

3. To brush your back use the long handle extension as needed. Brush upwards towards the heart from the lower back and brush downwards on the upper back. Again always brushing towards your heart.

4. Lastly move on to your front. Begin with your abdomen and brush in a downwards direction following the movement of your colon. Finally brush your chest and neck in the direction of the heart.

5. You should brush for about 3 to 5 minutes until your skin is rosy and slightly tingly from the brushing.

6. Always shower after you dry brush to wash away the dead skin.

7. Avoid brushing broken or sensitive skin and take care to brush lightly over any cellulite areas.


1. Décolleté (lower neck): brush towards your lymph area from shoulders and breast area inwards.

2. Neck: brush upwards the middle and sides (towards the chin and ears). Brush lightly under your chin in short strokes.

3. Chin: make inverted U strokes on your chin.

4. Cheeks: make expanding circular motions up and outwards from the centre point of your cheek. Then make decreasing circular motions back to where you started.

7. Eyes: using a light circular brushing motion, gently brush around the eyes rotating slowly and expanding up to eyebrow level.

8. Forehead: starting at the bridge of the nose using outwards strokes, brush left above the eyebrow climbing up to the hairline and then again from the start this time brushing right.

9. Rinse your face with fresh water when you are finished. Ideally in the shower. After showering apply moisturiser or serum to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Your whole brushing routine (body and face) should take you about 5 to 6 minutes.


We have covered the basics of brushing techniques above. The following tips will help you get the best experience when using your dry brushes.

· When dry brushing you should always try to make fluid single movement strokes towards the heart.

· The pressure you use when dry brushing should always remain at what you feel comfortable with for your skin.

· You can alternate between the different strength brushes as you wish and use different pressure or different strength bristles on different areas of the body to get the best body brushing experience.

· When dry brushing, starting at your extremities (hands or feet) and working towards the body helps to push toxins towards the lymph glands, this will maximise the health benefit of your brushing session.

· It is advisable to shower or bathe at the end of your dry brushing session in order to wash away any dead skin cells and deep cleanse your now open pores giving you fantastic looking skin.

· To end your dry brushing routine, after showering or bathing make sure you use your favourite moisturiser or essential oils to nourish your now fully cleansed skin. This routine will ensure you get smooth soft vibrant looking skin.


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