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Volcanic Stone Roller


  • BETTER OIL REMOVAL THAN BLOTTING PAPER: Made from real volcanic stone our face roller immediately soaks up excess face oil. For fresh, shine-free skin whenever you need it. It can be used on clean or made-up skin and won’t spoil your makeup.

  • EASY TO USE: Simply roll the volcanic stone along your T-Zone and forehead, and any other shiny areas on the face where a mattifying effect is required.

  • FIGHT ACNE AS YOU RELAX: Take the stress out of dealing with blemishes and give your face a mini facial massage as you roll the volcanic roller over oil and acne prone skin.

  • USE AGAIN AND AGAIN: Unlike single use blotting paper or oil absorbing sheets you can use the Snoozing Beauty Volcanic roller over and over. Simply wash your facial roller volcanic stone with a mild soap, let it air dry and you are good to go.

  • A NIGHT OUT ESSENTIAL: Pop it in your handbag and you know you have the comfort of oil control wherever you go.

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