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Premium Dry Body Brushing Set


  • Get Smoother, Healthier and Younger looking skin the easy way, with our complete DRY BODY BRUSHING SET. Includes FREE Dry Body Brushing e-Guide.

  • 3 BRUSH SET with DETACHABLE HANDLE. The SOFT facial brush, MEDIUM and FIRM strength body brushes and detachable handle make this a versatile dry brushing kit.

  • Our ALL NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE brushes are the perfect firmness and cut for thorough skin cleaning and exfoliation without irritation.

  • The natural 100% PUMICE STONE is ideal for foot care and is perfect for smoothing out calloused skin.

  • Body brushing can help reduce the appearance of Cellulite improving circulation and softening the skin. An IDEAL GIFT for men and women alike.

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